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Why We are Here:

We are. like you, fan of LG's work. We love the unique design, software, hardware and amazing interface. Although like as all other major manufactures LG do gets, sometimes, caught by unfortunate incidents but still it is amazing with it's overall goods done amazing. From LG Optimus G to the latest LG G6 and all other mid-ranges flagships, we actually love it a lot due to it's amazing contribution to mobile industry.
            So in this blog, we'll be detailing about all LG's stuff. Beginning from 

  • Specification & Details

  • Root
  • Bootloader-unlock
  • Installing Custom Recovery e.g TWRP
  • Flashing Custom Roms
We'll be detailing everything, as far possible. We would also be happy to get news from your side too, which you can post us by clicking below

You can also ask for help about specific things too by clicking on Contact us button at top.

About us:

We all are a group of common people, just like you, from around the world with motivation to pay role as help and knowledge spreaders.


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