[Guide][Tutorial] Root TWRP LG G5 using Autorecowvery[H830 & V20A only][Noobfriendly]

Hello everyone,
This post is to guide, how to root and install twrp on lg g5 T-Mobile using recowvery method.
Read 4th post before proceeding

1: Recowvery
2: Minimal adb 
Both here
A: H830 
[Download TWRP 3.0.2 as 3.1.0 is having some little issues with flashing with autirecowvery]
(rename it to recovery.img)

Drivers should be installed. Also install minimal ADB and fastboot.

1: Make sure to unlock bootloader. COLOR="Red"]Backup internal data because it will be erased.[/COLOR]
A: First enable developer options and toggle “Enable OEM unlock” to ON. Also enable “USB Debugging”.
B: Run Minimal ADB and Fastboot. Enter Command

adb devices
C: You will see permission dialogue on phone. Tick “Always allow” and ok.
D: Now enter.

adb reboot bootloader
E: Now phone be in fastboot mode. Enter

fastboot oem unlock
F: This will wipe all data on internal storage. Now Enter

fastboot reboot
G: Now OS will get booted. Bootloader is unlocked but phone is in factory reset condition. So again enable “USB Debugging”.


2: Now copy recovery.img to phone’s internal storage. Extract recowvery software. (If it causes permission problems extract it to USB device and perform process from there)

3: Run “EasyRecowvery.cmd”. Press “5” -->Enter then press “7” -->Enter to disable integrity check. Then enter “0” to go back.

4: Now press “2” and wait until it says warning. Press “y” -->Enter.

5: It will do rest process. After Flashing TWRP it will flash “no-opt-encrypt” (This is most important to save twrp from being removed by OS)

6: Phone will boot into TWRP. Here on phone it will ask for decrypt code. Cancel it. Swipe to allow modification.

7: On pc press any key, the flashing process on phone will automatically get started. Then it will reboot into OS.

8: To flash supersu, select option 3 from recowvery windows and phone will boot into twrp. Same as step 5-6 it will automatically flash supersu.
Now Your rooted and have twrp install.

NoteFor removing Encryption.
To flash a custom rom and remove encryption in twrp, you need to once format data in twrp else you won’t be able to wipe and install any custom rom in your phone.
So for this process.
Boot into twrp, (you can boot to twrp by any app, by vol- and power button combination ( Can be seen here) or from option “5” --> “5” in recowvery command window)
Click -->Wipe-->Format Data-->*_* “yes”-->enter.
( *_* = type )
You need to do this only once. After that you can flash roms and zips unlimited times.

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