Best Custom Roms for LG G2


The LG G2 is a wonderful smartphone, especially at the highly discounted price you can get it now. As it is almost 3 years old, you need to install some great custom ROM for LG G2 on your smartphone to gain some additional benefits. The smartphone is able to run a lot more than LG’s own software allows it to, this much is evident simply by visiting the custom ROM pages. I’m also pretty sure that your warranty is no longer valid so there is simply no reason for you to stick to the default LG Android skin you have on your smartphone.
If your smartphone does come with the official warranty, then you can hold off rooting LG G2 smartphone. But chances are, as the smartphone is almost 4 years old, there will be no warranty left to claim. So, installing a custom ROM for LG G2 on the smartphone is the best way to get more out of an aging device.


Installing a custom ROM on LG G2 is a fairly straightforward business if you follow the instructions precisely. However, I highly recommend that you backup everything on your smartphone before even attempting to flash a custom ROM for LG G2. You can check out our best backup apps for Android list to save all those precious memories on a different device.

Another point to be noted here is that you should only flash a ROM on your smartphone if you know what you are doing, even though it’s a fairly easy process, a simple misstep can lead to a bricked device. I highly advise that you read through the ROM instructions carefully before flashing it on the smartphone. The ROMs in this list are not in any particular order, but I tried to arrange them in the order of their Android version, this means marshmallow will be the number one ROM on the list. Now that we have discussed all the nitty-gritty of installing a custom ROM let’s get to the five best custom ROMs for LG G2.

1: Resurrection Remix ROM:

Resurrection Remix ROM is based on many ROMs. It is a real remix because it takes the best parts of different ROMs and merges them together to form a much better ROM. The developer doesn’t shy away from acknowledging that they have taken certain aspects of CyanogenMod, Slim, Omni and original Remix ROM builds. This results in an amazing concoction of customization, power, and performance.

Most of all you’ll be getting new features on shore LG G2. From the navigation bar to adjusting how it looks and from disabling carrier label to even changing its color, you’ll find a lot of customization options on this ROM. You can even adjust the animations of the smartphone and also use gestures anywhere on the phone, yes; this means you can use gestures even when using an app.

  • Here (Official thread)
2: Euphoria OS:
AOSP Based
Theme Chooser
Customize Quick Settings
Delta Updates
Disabled tether checking
IME selector notification control
Advanced reboot
Adb notification control
Adb over network
Long press back to kill
CPU info overlay
Status bar brightness control
Superuser built into privacy gaurd
Battery Icons options
Option to disable lock screen carrier label
Slim heads up options
Headsup - don't show if notification drawer is visible
HeadsUp: Swipe options
-left swipe dismiss
-right swipe put into background
-swipe down opens notification drawer and moves the notification into it
USB OTG support
cLock widget
Notification weather panel
Disable battery saver bar color
Dialer - reverse number lookup
HSPA+ Icons
Statusbar clock and date customizations

  • Here (Official thread)

3: Cloudy stock 2.5 ROM


  • Full UX 4.0 ported
  • Aroma installer
  • SuperSU
  • Busybox + runparts
  • init.d support
  • Debloated
  • AdAway host file
  • Latest GApps
  • G4 power menu
  • G4 keyboard
  • Full weather animations
  • Calendar with Event Pocket
  • Multi-User
  • Split view / Mini view
  • Advanced camera driver
  • Calling recorder
  • Patched LGSmartWorld
  • Advanced QRemote
  • ViPER4Android


  • Here (Official thread)

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