Best android custom roms available for LG G3 (All variants)

Little about Stock:
A method is also available on XDA forum to get android 6.0 update for LG G3 by flashing but sadly only for international version d855, and some others like f400. You can get it here if you wish to flash it by TWRP recovery and don't like wating.
(Make sure you have rooted your device and latest TWRP is installed on your device. if, not check here, thanks to avicohh & XDA forum for best method).
Back to topic:
So now let's forget about it. Now i am going to show some really good custom roms available on different sites on internet for LG G3. Here is a list of some famous and less buggy roms for LG G3.
1: Cyanogenmod:
When we are talking about a custom and aosp (Android open source project) based custom rom for any smart-phone the list is incomplete without the talking of cyanogenmod. It is a very famous aosp based custom rom available on internet. Due to it's stability and daily update. Somehow. it is a good to mention rom on internet.
Luckily latest cyanogenmod is available for LG G3, not for some variants, which gives the experience of latest android update.
Here are some images of this rom on LG G3.

To download this rom here are link for LG G3
1;) D850     2:) D851    3;) D852      4:) D855   5:)  F400  6:) IS990    7:) Vs985
For google apps aka Gapps (To get play-store and other features);
Cyanogenmod 13 (for most variants)    Cyanogenmod 12.1 (For d850 and IS990).
1: Reboot into recovery (TWRP). Wipe cache, dalvik, factory reset.
2: Flash rom and then Gapps. Now reboot>System.
3: Wait a while. Setup and enjoy this.
Make-sure to flash stable rom (Snapshot or release) for best stability and nightlities for new features but with some bugs

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